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Richard Williams writes about Duplexity

07 April 2021

"Trajectories and densities are chosen to make the most of the available resources. The session feels informal and spontaneous, with the rough edges left in. Two of the pieces were composed by Sides and two by Cano, and none of them, ranging from four and a half to six minutes, outstays its welcome. Most of all, it’s good to hear two musicians from different generations and of such diverse backgrounds revelling in the common language."


New EP 'Duplexity' now available

02 April 2021

With live music on hold throughout 2020, Cano and Sides spent a day at Ramsgate’s Big Jelly Studios during the space between lockdowns and recorded their first EP as a duo. All the ideas were lightly rehearsed to keep them fresh and recorded live in no more than one or two takes. They show the strong compositional themes combined with powerful rhythms and inspired improvisation, echoing former trumpet and drums duos such as Max Roach and Dizzy Gillespie and Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell.

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